Mind your Luggage and Personal Belongings (Next Station is Hope).
PIEK! made this interactive installation for the exhibition ‘Happy-Go-Lucky‘, commissioned (and organised) by VHDG.
The visitor can drive a legotrain with a lego remotecontrol through a Legolandscape.
The train is riding over an oval track and passes various legohouses, buildings and a tunnel.
In the nose of the train is a wireless videocamera. The images from the camera are projected on a see-through screen, hanging above the Legolandscape.

When the train ‘disapears’ in the tunnel, it stops; the projection switches from the camera to a pre-recorded DVD.
On the DVD are interviews with children, rejected asylum seekers from Witmarsum, a little village near Leeuwarden.
The childeren are telling about there future, there dreamhouses and places where they want to live.
After 30 seconds the train resumes it’s ride, and shows the legolandscape again.
The landscape and houses are made together with the childeren, they made there dream houses from Lego.

PIEK! made a coloring page for the ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ catalogue, you can download it here >> (61Kb)