In collaboration with poet Elmar Kuiper, we developped an iPhone app called TomTells.

– An navigation application, that gives you traditional (audio) direction and a poetic story about traveling, loneliness, homecoming, temptation, disguise, identity and exile, told by Tom, during the trip. Loosely inspired by Homer’s Odyssey and HAL 9000.

– Navigational software is something we daily trust and depend on – We have a somewhat personal relation with this type of software, what if it gets
very personal? – Tom is consious but has only one sense, his GPS – What does ‘life’ mean when you have juste one sense – What is Tom’s opinion on traveling?

– Choose your transportation method Submit start and end point TomTells calculates the route and gives you the directions in text and audio

– Download de app in the iTunes store via the website

– The iPhone app TomTells is part of Poetry on the screen, initiated and generously funded by The Mondriaan Fund and The Dutch Foundation for Literature
in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum.
We would like to thank:
Jelle van der Ster for programming
Beatrijs Brouwer for translations