The Geert Wilders (A Freedom Party)

The members of The Geert Wilders played in separate bands in the early 2000s, but soon the formation of The Geert Wilders began when Miss Machiavelli successfully auditioned for the part of drummer in Sgt Hero’s band. They asked Olaf D. Schiklgruber, who played keyboard at the time, to learn to play keytar for the band. Olaf D. Schiklgruber agreed and took up lessons.

In 2007 the band used the name Tina Tractatus with a punk/glam image to compete in a local battle of the bands. The band won the contest, smashing their equipment in the process. “It was supposed to be a protest, a statement”, Miss Machiavelli said, “so, when we actually won, it was a real shock. A massive shock. After that, we started taking ourselves seriously.”

Shortly after the contest, the three decided to forget university, quit their jobs, change the band name to The Geert Wilders.

The Geert Wilders (a.k.a. The Freedom Party) is dé popband van dit moment. De band bestaat uit zanger en gitarist Sgt Hero, keytarspeler Olaf d. Schiklgruber, en op drums Miss Machiavelli. De band verzet zich tegen de palingsound en wil een ander geluid laten horen in Nederland. Eerdaags komt hun album uit met een bevrijdende mix van electro, punk, en een vleugje folk. Tijdens het bevrijdingsfestival zal de band enkele nummers spelen waaronder haar nieuwe single “Colours in the Rainbow” en hun hit “Let’s Get Wild, Let’s Get Wilder, Let’s Geert Wilders.”

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