Radio Noord Amsterdam live from De Modestraat

From October 2020 onwards, radio producers Selby Gildemacher alias DJ Fer A.F. Drijver and Gijs Velsink alias DJ Gijs Velsink will be broadcasting Radio Noord Amsterdam again.
Usually from the Modestraat and sometimes from the location of our editorial partners, but it is always live!
With radio makers of all kinds, they put together six new radio variety shows, for Noord and by Noord. Each show has its own theme, which is often open to surprising interpretations.
In the broadcasts you will hear contributions from new Dutch citizens from Stichting Warm Welkom. They tell about their country of origin, their stay in the Netherlands and often perform with their own music. Permanent editors are Fred and Arjan, residents of Philarood of Philadelphia Zorg in Amsterdam-Noord. Fred and Arjan love radio and Amsterdam-Noord. For their reports, they travel into the district as often as possible. Furthermore, Martha Vrij delivers on behalf of the Sweet 70 community, often in the form of a column, a poem or a story of her own. The ‘Sweeties’ have often lived in Amsterdam-Noord for years, if not all their lives, and see that their district is constantly changing and in motion. Young people in loose association also tell Radio Noord Amsterdam what they are doing in Noord and what makes the neighbourhood special for them, and they play their own music.

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