After the sour comes the sweet. This statement of Balkenende, Prime Minister of The Netherlands, was the inspiration of the winning political poster on the Schiphol fire.

Emilie Randoe, director of the Institute for Interactive Media at the University of Amsterdam and president of the jury, explains why the poster of Gildemacher is chosen. “The poster meets the two main criteria for a political poster: the image must be strong and the message must be something with you. The poster would find if you do at the end of the street hanging, he is simple and clear and refers to the politics of Balkenende. You can almost taste the bitterness.”
“If you’re the survivors of the fire, they often speak about the taste of smoke in their mouth. That bitter taste is reinforced by the victims trapped in refugee centers. The taste of the Schiphol fire is anything but delicious.”
from Trouw (a Dutch newspaper), October 11, 2006

The Schiphol detention centre is used to lock up asylum seekers who have exhausted their legal avenues and are waiting to be deported.
The 2005 fire killed eleven people and wounded dozens of others.