Irony and death are two of a number recurring motifs not only in PIEK!’s work but also in art history in general, and in this special edition PIEK! has introduced it into another area of their oeuvre.

The technique applied is simple, but the outcome implies complex ideas about mortality and the history of mankind, and although these works deny a specific anthropological or historical reading, the results are compelling, being celebratory and seductive, as well as ominous and haunting.

Damien Hirst trips over a diamond the size of his head and dies is FOR SALE
Multiple of 10
Miniature figure, acrylic paint and diamond on a wooden base.
Size:150 x 150 x 360mm, presented in a 200mm clear acrylic box.
€600 + tax
To order, please contact PIEK! via the contact page

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Tripping Over Bling
Given Damien Hirst’s notorious affinity for the lurid, this would be the perfect satirical homage to Hirst and lends a macabre significance to the recurrent theme of death and irony in art and life. This post-modern artifact is a symbolic albeit disingenuous nod to Hirst’s sensational new piece – “For The Love of God”.
As Hirst succinctly put it, “Death is a such a heavy subject…” – oh, the marvelous irony of it all.

Sensory Impact

It Figures
PIEK! is an art group based in Amsterdam. Damien Hirst is a contemporary British artist. PIEK! appears to be just starting out; Damien Hirst has exhibited all over the world and his piece The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living sold to an American hedge fund gazillionaire for 8 million dollars.
Before Hirst became a world-famous artist/bad boy he worked at a mortuary where he learned about various preserving chemicals. This is by way of explanation, because The Physical Impossibility is actually a 14-foot dead tiger shark swimming in formaldehyde within a really big aquarium. Hirst deals with death in his art quite a bit. What does this have to do with those PIEK! guys? Well, PIEK! has just made some art which references Hirst called Damien Hirst Trips Over a Diamond the Size of His Head and Dies. It’s a miniature figurine which shows poor Damien lying prostrate on the ground, blood rushing from his head, with the offending diamond at his feet. Hirst has made a living off of displaying dead things, and so PIEK! says that their piece is an ironic take on his oeuvre, and his just desserts. I’m not sure if that’s actual irony or Alanis Morissette irony, but you can decide that for yourself while you look at PIEK!’s website.
– Dan Steckenberg @

Damien Hirst trips over a diamond the size of his head and dies
By now everybody has heard about Damien Hirst’s diamond skull, ‘For The Love of God‘, that’s worth $100 million. PIEK!, some dutch artists, made this piece called ‘Damien Hirst trips over a diamond the size of his head and dies‘, it’s limited to 10 pieces and a bargain at €600.
Today and Tomorrow

Blood Diamonds
…However, when I came across this jewel (pun intended), I just had to continue to expend energy worrying about Mr. Hirst’s rich ass. The image above is an edition of work by a duo of Dutch artists known as PIEK! and is entitled “Damien Hirst Trips Over a Diamond of his Head and Dies.” Wouldn’t we all love for the only casualty of Hirst’s gratuitous use of blood diamonds to have been himself?
Luck for you, there are still a few available! see more here:
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