A proposal for The Infiltration Series of Paradiso.

The intervention in the toilets consist of two parts:

  • The toilets smell of freshly baked breads using natural identical flavors.
    This artificial flavors consist of molecules that are identical to those in nature. The aromas miss many molecules that were in a natural flavor, but do not contribute to the odor / taste perception, in some cases even works against it.
    Examples are leather sofas fragrance, new-car smell for used cars and clean room smell for hotel rooms.
    Albert Heyn uses an odor around the bread department, and at the entrances to the AH to Go.
  • When flushing the toilet, sounds of laughter a “laugh track”.
    The flush button (?) switches in the laughter.
    In sitcoms, the “canned laughter” used to help the viewer to recognize a comedy.