Revengers Tragedy (2002)
sci fi movie set 2011, in futuristic Liverpool
Revengers Tragedy (2002) – IMDb

Hesus, rebolusyunaryo
Hesus, rebolusyunaryo (2002)
Set in 2011, nine years from now, when the Philippines has been taken over by a military junta…
Hesus, rebolusyunaryo (2002) – IMDb

The Ugliest Woman in the World
The Ugliest Woman in the World (1999)
Set in  futuristic Spain 2011, someone is murdering beauty queens.
The Ugliest Woman in the World (1999) – IMDb

Transformers: The Headmasters
Transformers: The Headmasters (1987/88)
A Japanese animated series that aired 1987/1988 and set in 2011
The Headmasters (cartoon) – Transformers Wiki

Shooting War
Shooting War (2006)
An online graphic novel by Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman is set in a disturbingly plausible 2011
Shooting War

The Crystal Drop (1993)
In 2011, global warming has turned southern Alberta, once a fertile plain, into a burning desert.
The Crystal Drop: Monica Hughes: Books