With the project GARDE BLANCHE NP3 is looking for the FASTEST artist.ONLY ONCE NP3 offers artists from all disciplines,
without taking matters to her own hands, the opportunity to exhibit. Absolutely free of policy, without balloting,without studio visits,
without the discussion about why and how so in NP3,
but ‘Carte Blanche’…

The installation Entertain Us consists of three parts.

  • A model train with a camera. The trail leads through 48 (stationary) clocks. The train goes at a pace so that by around the clock to drive and thus to film, the camera image is a clock. The railway line is laid, not to Breughel’s Tower of Babel and Vladimir Tatlin’s “Utopia tower the Monument to the Third International”.
  • The walls of the room is equipped with 3 different patterns, abstract / landscape and horizontal patterns that suggest speed.
  • In the corner of a room is dirty plush giant panda (1m wide) on a couch, watching TV. Around her wrist she has a watch on which the video camera image is shown. On the TV where the panda is looking at an loop of the video for Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. The loop is 2 sec. The loop is available at http://vimeo.com/6289677
  • Option, the camera image on the website NP3, and clock.


  • model train
  • track 48 meters
  • wood (for construction railway)
  • arduino
  • wireless webcam
  • tape
  • latex
  • rollers
  • giant panda
  • watch/screen
  • TV
  • bench
  • DVD Player