PIEK! members current/past

Feb 1996 – Present
Selby Gildemacher operates under the moniker of PIEK! a contemporary and dynamic multidisciplinary art group.
The work of PIEK! includes a humorous and ironic look at contemporary society and examines current social structures through radio, ceramics, video, television, websites, performances, installations, iPhone apps and pop music.

Hackers & Designers
In 2013 Selby Gildemacher co-founded the initiative Hackers & Designers together with Anja Groten and James Bryan Graves.
Hackers & Designers is an extensive network of designers, artists, software developers,researchers, scientists, and theoreticians. Hackers & Designers activities consist of hands-onshort workshops and deal with topics such as web technologies, Peer 2 Peer networks, cryptocurrencies, typography, conditional design, printmaking, and simple hardware constructions.

Stadscuratorium Amsterdam
Selby Gildemacher is a member of the Stadscuratorium Amsterdam that advocates the importance and preservation of Amsterdam’s art in public space and encourages new art projects. The committee, provides the college, the mayor and executive board, with advice, both solicited and unsolicited.

New Media Arts
Amsterdam University of the Arts

Art adviser
Selby Gildemacher is an external advisor visual arts and design in public space for Kunst & Cultuur Drenthe, which entails coordination of the art public space projects for the municipality of Assen with a speciality in art and contemporary technology in public space.

Selby Gildemacher is project adviser (innovation) for Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK).

Arti et Amicitae
Selby Gildemacher is a member of the Programming Committee of Arti et Amicitae.
More than half of all exhibitions in Arti are programmed by the Programme Committee(PC). The PC works on the basis of a common view in order to keep Arti recognizable and relevant in the art world. This vision is constantly evolving and for Arti currently has representative elements such as intergenerational, cross-over, laboratory function and international exchange.