Additional Function

  • 2013 – De PUNT, an artist run project space. General affairs, curating and production (with Anja Groten and TAAK)
  • 2013 -Co-initiator and coordinator Hackers & Designers (with James Brian Graves and with Anja Groten)
  • 2011 – member of the committee for Visual Art and Design, Assen
  • 2010 -The Geert Wilders; singer, musician, producer and writer
  • 2008 -online content, social media, managment and strategy for Design Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven and Maison de Design: HuisVeendam


  • 2014- Nowhere, Amsterdam
  • Academy Minerva, Groningen
  • AKV St Joost, Den Bosch
  • AHKCO, Paramaribo Suriname
  • Digital Playground, Amsterdam


  • 2015 Graphic Design Willem de Kooning Ac.
  • 2014 Doritos4Snowden with Anja Groten at V2, Institute for Instable Media, Rotterdam
  • 2014 MOTI, Breda
  • 2014 Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Groningen
  • 2014 Ignite, Medamatic, Amsterdam
  • 2013 BNO, Amsterdam
  • Northco College, Noordwijk
  • Academy Minerva, Groningen
  • Floss, Groningen
  • Veer Stichting, Leiden
  • Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
  • Mediamatic, Amsterdam
  • ING Vastgoed, Amsterdam


  • 2014 Doritos4Snowden, workshop with The Center for Genomic Gastronomy and Anja Groten, de Punt, Amsterdam
  • 2014 The Extensions of Man (with Stefan Schäffer), Mediamatic, Amsterdam
  • 2014 Aleppo Soap in Exile & Art Camping Aleppo Postcards (with Jose Biscaye, Anja Groten,
    Richtje Reinsma, Dominique Himmelbach) De Punt, Amsterdam
  • 2013 Dead Drop Planting (with Anja Groten) De Punt, Amsterdam
  • 2013 Cooking with Constraints: Leaks, Databases & Policies (with Center for Genomic Gastro-
    nomy and Anja Groten), De Punt, Amsterdam
  • 2013 Coke, the real thing revealed (with Janneke de Rooij and Anja Groten), TAAK, Amsterdam
  • For the One Minute foundation PIEK! currently gives video workshops to youngsters, art students and artists all over the world. In a team of two facilitators they stimulate a creative visual realization of the idea, explain camera work and teach editing skills in Final Cut Pro.

    The One Minute junior workshops are organized in coorperation with Unicef and the European Cultural Foundation. Every year international workshops are organized in various countries in and outside Europe. Here an overview of the countries PIEK! worked together with local partners:

    • AHKCO, Paramaribo, Suriname
    • Unicef, Paramaribo, Suriname
    • Imagine IC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Enugu, Nigeria
    • CCA Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
    • Douala, Cameroon
    • KCDR, Meppel, Netherlands
    • Music Mayday, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    • Asmara, Eritrea
    • CKS, Bangalore, India
    • Bredero College, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Strangers Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Unicef, Juba, Sudan

    To promote and distribute the videos made during the workshops the One Minutes, ECF and Unicef collaborate with various European broadcasters. Currently they established a close partnership with the VPRO, Holland doc, BBC, SVT (Sweden), YLE (Finland), RTE (Ireland), RTP (Portugal), RAI3 (Italy) and TV3 (Catalonia). These collaborations are aimed to be true commitments where the broadcasters do not only promote or broadcast one minutes but also organize their own workshops and work collectively to spread the one minute movement as widely as possible.

    for more information please check: